Assassin Gold Label 2014

Soon, our barrels of Assassin (our barrel aged imperial stout) will be ready to be blended and bottled.  We had been planning on having a brewery only release at our taproom brewery, but have decided against it.  As those of you know that have visited us, our taproom is quite small and has very limited parking.  Although we have offered all we can, we have been unable to secure any additional parking for this years event.  That fact, coupled with the number of our loyal fans that make the trek, have left us with the tough decisions of deciding against a release.  Not wanting to let you down is the main reason we are doing this.  We have decided that when the time comes and the beer is in bottles, most of it will be released to distribution.  This will undoubtedly disappoint some local people, so we are going to offer all mug club members the chance to purchase one bottle each, at cost.  The details of this will be emailed to all members after we bottle it.  Also, to pay back all the loyal locals who come in on a daily basis, I will from time to time just bring a case over with out announcement and it will be for sale at cost while supplies last. Who knows, maybe even a keg or two will show up too!

This years Assassin could be one of our best.  The barrels Mike was able to acquire are yielding very exciting flavors and a smoothness in the body that helps carry these flavors to your senses when sipping the treasure.

As far as Kentucky Brunch Gold Label and Mornin’ Delight, we have not decided what to do.  Although we want to see all of you in person for a release, we may have grown too large for our current location.   Mike is guessing we may yield 200 -400 bottles of Kentucky Brunch Gold.

Our long term goal is to have releases at our new brewery, which is better suited for parking, music, bottle share, etc.  Hopefully we will be ready for that in 2015.

Thanks again for supporting us and our endeavors to please you with our creations.  Making great beer and providing you with the best possible experience when you visit is our driving force!    -Clark, Barb and Mike


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28 comments on “Assassin Gold Label 2014

    • Hi Tyler. We do not have an exact date yet, but we will soon. We will be sure to keep our social media and website updated. Thanks!

  1. Have you guys considered a lottery system for future bottles? For example, the winner him/herself has to be there on release day. 1 bottle per. I would think that given your location, something along these lines would cut down the crowd size since many won’t travel all the way there just to have some beers on draft after missing out on the bottle lottery.

  2. As a MN fan, I am disappointed, as this means my odds of enjoying a bottle have decreased drastically. With that being said, I am thrilled at your “problem” of outgrowing your current location. I wish you the best and who knows, maybe I will get lucky on my next trip down and you will crack open a case of Assassin. :)

    Best wishes and cheers!

    • Hi Jared, yes, this was a decision primarily based on our size and the safety of the public. We are working hard to be able to have a release at our new location in the year of 2015! Cheers!

  3. How about Brown Paper Tickets? Alesmith has had great success with releasing via Brown Paper Tickets. They choose an allotment per person and they mandate that the name on the purchase must match the ID for pickup. They allow for 1 month to pick-up (could change depending on storage) but this guarantees that the person purchasing has the ability to visit the brewery within a month. Either they’ll be relatively local or they’ll be making a trip just for you guys. With single bottle limits it’s the closest thing to a lock that you’ll get regional folks buying the beer. Don’t know if that would work for you, but Alesmith has a small (for now) brewery with limited parking. They still do a release day special flight, but it eliminates lines/crowd control issues.

    • Thanks Rob for your input! We have thought of something similar for this, but have decided at this time that our size is just suitable for this. We look forward to being able to do a release in the year of 2015 at our new location, where size will not be such a hindering factor. Cheers!

  4. Will you give us a hard date in advance so we can plan to get in line early at our local retailers? And will we know who is getting it, so we don’t go to the wrong place? Or will it be the normal FB post that beers are on the way and will be there in two hours?


    • Hi Scott. We still don’t have an exact date yet, but we will give all of our fans a timeframe. We are still looking at least 6 weeks out. Cheers!

  5. As mug club members (my wife Lindsay too) living in St. Paul, you guys TOTALLY made my day when I saw this post!!! Since we don’t make it down to Decorah too often this is a great perk of our mug club membership…THANKS!!!!

  6. Will we know at least 2 weeks prior when this will be hitting shelves? I need that long to request days off, so that I might go a-huntin for it.

    • Hi. We are striving to give as much time to our customers as we can. As soon as we have any new information we will put it out to all of our fans that our anxiously waiting. Please continue to follow our websites and social media for immediate updates! Thanks for your patience with us! Cheers

  7. Its been 4 weeks since the original announcement…Any new updates regarding the release of assassin, MD or KBBS?!

  8. With Assassin going to distribution, you had mentioned that you were unsure how you would distribute KBBS, Mornin Delight this year….have any decisions been made for those beers specifically as of yet?! Thanks

  9. Is there any news on Assassin yet? It has been two months since you said “soon it will be released”. However I think most people would agree that 60 days or more is pushing the bounds of the word “soon”, in quite a few instances.

    • We totally understand the frustration. As it is now, even WE don’t know exactly when Assassin will be completed and ready to roll out. Currently, it is still in barrels. We’ll tap it soon and give it a taste to see if it’s ready. Just hang tight and keep checking our Twitter and Facebook for updates!

  10. Hey guys! Is Assassin still in the Barrel?
    Also have you decided how you will release MD and KBBS this year?

  11. Hi all, I will be in Prairie du Chien, WI soon, not too far away, and was wondering where I can buy your Assassin this year. Is it already out of the barrels and out for release per you previous post? Just curious as I have always wanted to try it, but never had the chance.

    Thanks, and keep making great brews!!!


    • Hey Ryan,

      We actually sold all of our bottles of Assassin already for this year. Your best bet would be to hunt online forums for trades or purchase.


  12. Want to make a day trip to you guys this friday and want to pick up some assassin and some kentucky brunch tried making deals for it and not looking to trade $250 in beer of $250 cash for one bottle looking to get atleast 2 or 3 bottles to share with friends.

    • We are sold out of both Assassin and Kentucky Brunch for 2014. Assassin sold in our taproom for 7 days at $25 per bottle. Kentucky Brunch sold for 2 days at $15 per bottle. Have a safe trip.

      • Will you have more this weekend cause i only like stouts. I dont care for ipa’s and wont make the trip if there are no stouts availble. I would appreciate it from one craft beer lover to another.

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