About Us

Toppling Goliath is a stealth brewery, flying fast, under the radar. This has been true since the day we quietly opened our first ½ barrel brewery and tap room on the west side of Decorah, IA in 2009. The batches were small but the taste was gigantic, and word spread like wildfire.

Today, our team brews at a larger production facility on the edge of town, regularly experimenting at the tap room to satisfy our craving for new and exciting creations. We are currently in the process of building a new addition to our brewing facility- construction set to be completed as early as 2013. The addition will include a larger brewing system as well as a filling line so we can bring exquisitely hand crafted beer to our loyal customers in bottles as well as on draft.

The history of Toppling Goliath lies in the dreams of tomorrow, not the pages of the past. The past is for those who rely on high volume and low value. The past is for those who duplicate rather than design. The past is for cowards. We are forward thinkers and cunning crafters, quietly building our revolution.



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