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With the recent addition of our bottling line, our beer can now be found on tap as well as in bottles at select locations. We are currently expanding our brewing facility to increase capacity. This is a big and exciting project for our little brewery!

Here are a few photos and videos of the construction, set to be finished in 2013. Chat with us and keep up with progress on Facebook, Twitter & G+.



We’re on a rescue mission to save your palate from boring beer! The TGB Hop Patrol beacon marks our series of aggressively hopped IPAs. Each brew is uniquely crafted to showcase individual hop varieties or complex blends.


98 comments on “Our Beer

  1. Good morning,
    I am a beer labels collector (kegs, bottles) from the Czech republic.. Please let me know, what I
    have to do to get your labels from yours Brewery. I would like to buy some labels. I want to ask you how much money will the labels cost.. Please answer me. Thank you very much.

    Yours Sincerely

    Jindrich Koscielniak
    Cujkovova 50 a
    700 30 Ostrava
    Czech republic

    My e-mail address is:

    ABA # 4281
    BCCA # 33169

    I want the beer labels only in my collection, I donĀ“t want to sell them on e-bay.

    • Hi Jindrich,

      Please send us a self-addressed-stamped envelope and make sure the proper return postage is included! Thanks!

      Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.
      ATTN: Madison
      PO Box 477
      Decorah, IA 52101

  2. Tried your beer for the first time at Zombie Burger in Des Moines. Had the Golden Nugget IPA. Fantastic beer. Being from Seattle, we love our hops, and the beer reminded me somewhat of the Boundary Bay IPA and Port Townsend Hop Diggity. Keep it up … will definitely make a trek to the brewery the next time I’m out in Iowa!

  3. Good morning!

    When do you anticipate the release of the Assassin beer? I thought last years was around Brr Fest?

    Thank you!


    • Hi Jesse- we’ve been tasting the beer in eager anticipation… waiting for the Assassin to decide when she’s ready to strike! Shouldn’t be long now, keep an eye out we’ll be sure to announce when it’s getting close.


  4. I am from out of town and wanted to make a visit to the taproom. But I wanted to make sure that Assassin was released. I really want to pick up some bombers while I’m there to put down in the cellar.

    Do you guys have a Twitter account or anything to keep people updated about events and beer releases?

    I am not a big social network guy, but I do “tweet” so I can follow breweries and what is being released

    • Yes sir! @TGBREWS – Twitter will probably be the first to know! :)

      Can’t wait to see you at the taproom! We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as the Assassin is ready to be released. Cheers!

    • Hi David! Thanks a lot, that is great to hear! Pompeii is a single-hop showcase featuring the relatively new “Mosaic” hop. You can learn a little more about any of the beers by clicking on the thumbnails above. Thanks for trying our beer- cheers!!

  5. Do you have a tentative release date for morning delight? I want to schedule a road trip to the brewery tapoom around the release. Would twitter also be the best way to be notified? Also, is there a hotel you’d recommend?

    • Hi Josh,

      Tentative release date for Assassin and Mornin’ Delight is this Saturday (4/13) at our Decorah taproom.

      The Hotel Winneshiek is beautiful, right downtown. If you’re looking for something a bit less expensive, the Country Inn and Suites on Highway 9 is very nice as well.

  6. Folks,

    Am spending a week in Decorah this June and was worried about what the beer situation might be like. Now, I’m very hopeful. I’m having a friend pick up a few bottles at your release tomorrow. Let’s hope she makes it!

    See you in June, more than a few times…


    • Hi Geof,

      I’m not really sure what you mean by the “beer situation”… I can’t really predict what will be on tap at that time, but when it gets close you can go to our homepage on the right hand column there is an “ON TAP TODAY” section. Feel free to email me (madison@tgbrews.com) as the date gets closer I can let you know of any events or beer releases we might have around that time.

      We’re hopeful, too! Hope you got yourself a good bottle or two this weekend!

      See you in June!



  7. My wife and I am a frequent at Red’s Ale House in North Liberty and I love my flights. From the first time I tried TG I was hooked!! Now I have to make the painful decision between Pseudo Sue and Golden Nugget. Thanks so much for bottling and bringing your AMAZING brew to johncy’s, I had my wife clear the shelves. We are stingy like that…..Can’t wait to try them all, keep em coming!

    • Troy,

      That is so wonderful to hear! Thank you so much for your kind words and your support! We can’t wait to continue bringing you great beer for some more shelf-clearing fun! Enjoy the Sue…



    • Hi Kristin,

      Yes, at our taproom in Decorah we have 16oz pint glasses. This week we are also getting a shipment in of snifter glasses. Thanks!


  8. I’m a huge fan of the Hop Patrol series and can’t wait to try them all. Do you guys have a release schedule you’ll be following? I still need to taste the 1492, Biter, Hopsmack, Twisted Galaxy, and Intergalactic Warrior. Everything I’ve tried so far has been delicious, especially the Sosus. (An empty Sosus has taken an honorary spot in my bar next to a Pliny the Elder, a Blind Pig, a Heady Topper, an Exponential Hoppiness, and a Citra Ninja.) Amazing work! Keep it coming.


    • Wow! A spot next to Pliny, himself! That is awesome, Tate, thank you. No release schedule, and some of these beers may never come back… My guess is that Biter or Hopsmack! would be first to come back. They are both long overdue for a release.


  9. Good morning, We just enjoyed a wonderful evening at Augusta Restaurant in Oxford , Iowa. I can honestly say that your beer Pseudo Sue pale ale is the best beer I have enjoyed in a long while. Please keep up the good work !


    • Thank you so much, Darrell! Glad to hear that you enjoyed our beer, we really appreciate you taking the time to let us know! Hope you can come visit us in Decorah sometime soon!



  10. Just stopped by your website after hearing about you for the first time on an episode of New Brew Thursday! Can’t wait to track you down and try your beers. We live in Joplin, MO, but my wife is from Davenport, IA. We are actually going to be up that direction this weekend, and I will have to use your locator to find some along our route!

    • Hi Frank!

      Thanks! Great to hear from you, and can’t wait for you to try our beers. Let us know what you think!



  11. I’ve been enjoying growlers of your beer from The Nova in Hudson for some time and I absolutly love all of them! My wife and I are finally making the trip from the Twin Cities to visit your taproom tomorrow. Very excited!!!

  12. I am going to be coming through Decorah on August 1 and wanted to know where I can get some bottles of your beer. I am hoping that I will be able to stop by the taproom,but if not I at least want to grab a couple bottles.



    • Hi Ryan,

      Right now, we don’t have many bottles out in the market right now. I know that the local Co-Op in Decorah has Dorothy’s Lager, but I’m not sure how much they will have left in August.

      I would say the best option is to stop at our taproom and fill some growlers. There is a very wide selection available, and you can try before you buy!

      See you next weekend!



  13. Great Q&A. Answered all my questions before I had a chance to ask.
    Leaving Seattle area tomorrow (Aug 10th) with a visit to Toppling Goliath with growlers in tow a top priority in about a week.
    Larry (NWer on BA)

  14. I’m from Madison WI and have feltfell in love with TGB over the last year. I just got a kegerator up and running. I would love food first barrel to be one of yours. How can I order one?


    • Thanks very much, Josh! I’m sorry to say that we don’t sell individual kegs of our beer. Right now, we just don’t have enough beer or enough kegs, but thanks for your support! Cheers!

  15. I am starting a new hops field. Wondering where you get your hops and what kind you use.
    We plan to have about 2 acre in hops and would like to sell it locally (NE Iowa)

  16. Great beer.
    I’ve been enjoying your beers at the Sanctuary and just tasted the Pseudo Sue and it was above and beyond!!
    So glad we are now getting world class brews from Iowa.
    Keep goin!

  17. My favorite beer at the Great Taste was Mornin Delight. I was not sure of the 30 minute wait in the massive line but it was highly recommended. Someone at the fest claims one can get it in Iowa but I don’t see Mornin Delight listed here. Is this a seasonal beer or really a one off specialty brew?

    • Thank you, Henry!

      Our Mornin’ Delight is a once-a-year beer along with our Assassin and Kentucky Brunch imperial stouts. It’s a pretty rare occasion to see it on tap at our taproom in Decorah, but it does happen from time to time. Right before GTMW we did have a 1/6 barrel on tap for our local Nordicfest, so the person at the Great Taste was not wrong.

      We had a special release this year for 300 bottles of Mornin’ D, next year we hope to have more!


  18. Hello,

    Was wondering if you guys were planning a release of Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout again anytime in the near future.. Would love to have a pint of this. I’m sure it’ll run up there or best Bourbon County, Parabola, and various other top shelf stouts!


    • Hi Dylan – it will be released sometime next year. My guess is in the Fall – but it all depends on when the beer is ready! We’ll keep you updated!

  19. Hey TG,
    Making a Fall road trip from St. Paul down to Decorah this coming weekend. Heard so many good things about your brewery. What’s the hoppiest selection you’ll have available this weekend? Any Sosus left? Either way, I see a TG growler making it’s way home with me.

    • Hey Rob!

      We’re glad you’re getting the chance to visit us! We are out of Sosus bottles, but we do have Zeelander IPA on tap (which is part of our Hop Patrol Series), Naughty 90 Oaked IPA and Golden Nugget IPA pouring at the tap room. See you soon!



  20. For the love of craft beer… Please get rid of the floating “TG MERCH!” I can’t event look around your site on my tablet with the damn thing being in the center of the screen. On another note, when do you plan on bringing your beer out East? NYC area… Send some kegs to the Pony Bar and be sure to let me know! I’ve heard good things! Keep up the good crafts.

    • Hello Chip!

      Thanks for your kind words! I’m sorry you’re having trouble with our website. I’ve always thought that the viewer had the option to close that floating merch tab out. Is this not an option on your tablet? It will be a little while before we make it out East but we are definitely working to expansion. Hope to be in your area sooner than later!



  21. My bad… I thought if I clicked on it, it would take me to another area of the site. I’m originally from Iowa, so when I go back home to the Quad Cities over the holidays can you point me in the direction who has your beer on shelf? Iowa City is only 30min drive if it’s not in the QC area. Otherwise we’ll also be in the Cyclone Country during Christmas. I’m looking to try all your beers, particularly Kentucky Brunch and Morning Delight.

    Thanks again for your responses… And I apologize if you thought I was being rude, it was sarcasm.


    • Haha, no worries Chad! I speak fluent sarcasm. We will post bottle locations every time they are distributed before the Holidays here and on Facebook as well. Bottle releases such as Kentucky Brunch and Morning Delight are also announced on Social Media but won’t be happening until spring/summer. We have several accounts pouring our beer in both areas you will be in, just type in your location in our TG locator and you’ll be pointed in the right direction. Hope to see you at the Tap Room sometime!


  22. Hi, I am planning to traveling to Iowa in the next month or so, and was wondering if you have a tentative time period for the Assassin/MD release? Would it be the same weekend as last year?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Rich,
      We do not have a date yet for our release. It will be between 3 and 6 months yet. When the barrels are with in about a month we will announce it on our social media sites and website. Safe travels! Cheers!

  23. I was fortunate enough to have a buddy bring me PseudoSue, Zee Lander, and three of your X Hop series brews. Holy crap, you make some amazing beers! I cannot wait to make the 5-hour trek to your brewpub once work slows down. Keep cranking out the PseudoSue!

  24. Just crossed you guys off my beer bucket list at Hunaphu Day in Tampa, amazing beer. Any plans to permanently start distributing in Florida?

  25. I can’t wait to make my first visit to the best brewery in the state tomorrow! The 2.5 hour drive each way will be well worth it.

  26. You guys make some amazing stuff. Had mornin delite at ebf this weekend and it is by far the best thing I’ve had from any brewey for any style. Wish there was a way I could get it out here in New York, but hopefully I see it again someday at another festival.


    • Yes, we do sell growlers at the taproom! We offer clear and amber growlers. You may also bring your own in as long as it has the government warning on the growler. Our hours are Sunday-Thursday 12-8pm and Friday-Saturday 12-10pm. Thanks!

  27. pretty new to thing and Just got word of the Kentucky Brunch.. Do you guys ship to any distributors in New York/Northeast?

  28. Tried your beer at between the bluffs for the first time. I have a new favorite brewery! Keep up the great work. I have been straight up fiending for your beer ever since. The work week is over, so I am going to woodman’s tomorrow and buying a six pack of every kind of your beer that they carry.

  29. So, after returning home from deployment overseas, I heard about this amazing beer called kentucky brunch. Being that I’m nowhere near you guys I was wondering how I could go about getting my hands on a bottle. Any chance of hooking me up?

    • Hey, thank you for serving our country! We haven’t bottled and Kentucky Brunch yet this year. We are hoping it is ready within the next 6 weeks. We are expecting to get about 300 bottles. The believe most people that don’t live near us receive it by doing trades. Please follow our social media websites and our website for up to date information on when it will be distributed. Cheers!

  30. We love your Pseudo Sue beer and have only been able to get it on tap a few times. Unless we follow your beer truck, it’s highly unlikely, actually it’s impossible to purchase any bottles of it in the Cedar Rapids area since it sells out as soon as it hits the store. Yea for you, boo for us!! If we drove to Decorah would we be able to purchase some to take home? It would definately be worth the road trip. Thank you.

    • Hi Ann, We do currently have bottles of pseudoSue in stock at our taproom brewery. They will last through this weekend so come on up!

  31. I saw that Sue is currently available in bottles at the taproom after the twitter post on Sunday. I will be traveling from Chicago to Decoroah kn Friday – is it highly doubtful there will be any Sue left?

  32. Hello TG-

    First off you guys are killing it lately. Any idea of when the big stouts will hit? Looks like on May 22nd you guys said you were about 6 weeks out. Getting closer?


    • We are getting closer! Everything is still in barrels at the moment. When the time comes, we’ll have a simultaneous announcement on our Twitter, Facebook, and website, so stay tuned!

  33. I have a friend heading out your way the weekend of the 19th-20th and she said she would pick me up some bottles (for which I have been dying to try). I see what you have on tap on the side column but do you have other beers for sale that are already bottled? If so, how do I go about finding out what you have bottled and available to sell? Thank you in advance for your response. I have heard great things about your beer and am really looking forward to trying as much as possible.



    • Thanks for the interest in our beer! We do sell bottles in the tap room, but it just comes down to what’s available at the time. Your best bet would be to call the tap room @ (563) 387-6700 on the day you or your friend intend to stop by and see what we have. We also do growler fills as an option.

  34. So I noticed on the web page that Sour Mash Saison is on tap, but I didn’t see it in your beer list. Is that brew available in the bottle? I have to make a trip down to your neck of the woods for work, but I probably won’t be rolling through late enough in the evening to catch the tap room. I am a HUGE sucker for sours and I was on your website due to a recommendation to be sure I check you guys out and saw that listed..actually my mouth is already watering…I need to find a way to check out that brew.

    • Hey Rich,

      I’m curious where you saw information about the sour mash saison on our webpage. Currently, we do not produce sours. The only beers we have on tap currently are IPAs, a Lager, an Oatmeal Stout, and some pale ales.


  35. Just saw on Business Insider (Best Beers in the US) that your Morning Delight was Iowa’s best beer – but I don’t see it here!! :(


    • Hey Scott,

      Thanks for finding the article! But you’re right, Mornin’ Delight is an elusive one. We don’t brew it often, and when we do, it flies out the door.

  36. Thanks again for the wonderful beers and wonderful hospitality! We stopped at the taproom on our way to GABF. Having heard lots of good things about TG beers we came in with high expectations. Those expectations were blown out of the water. To put a cherry on top of our beer sundae, we got to try Assassin at GABF. You made a wonderful “business” trip wonderfuller!

  37. May be a dumb question, Do you sell your beer on tap in growlers? What size are your growlers and are they glass?

    What do you anticipate having available in Bottles in your tap room this Saturday Oct 18th? We are thinking about making the trip from Western Minnesota and want to know if we can purchase some of the beer in Bottles as well as growlers. I often hear that you run out of beer in bottles, so I have to ask if it is worth the trip this weekend?

    Thanks much and I was highly impressed with Pseudo Sue and David, the only beers I have had so far from TG (gifts from a friend).

    • We do sell beer in growlers! Our growlers are all glass and 64oz.
      We’re shooting to have pseudoSue and Golden Nugget in bottles come this weekend. If you’re concerned about the availability on that day, go ahead and give us a call at (562) 387-6700 and double check that we have bottles before you make your trek.


  38. Hello, I am from Omaha and planning a weekend trip to visit the brewery, I was curious to know if you planned on opening any harder to find beers on draft in the coming month, perhaps, maybe, on the 15th of November? and is Psuedo Sue always on tap? Thanks for your time, and keep up the great crafting

    • As of right now, we don’t have anything planned for our limited releases. We do always have pseudoSue on tap. We also try to keep our bottles stocked pretty regularly.


  39. Hi,

    Was planning on making the trip down for either a release of Morning Delight or Kentucky Brunch Stout in bottles…any idea when those may occur? Will you post when you know?



    • Hey Nick,

      We did a release of KBBS a little over a month ago, and as of now we don’t know when we will release Mornin’ Delight. It isn’t determined how we will release Mornin’ Delight when we make it. We may do a release similar to Assassin (no announcement/tweeting), or devise another way.


  40. I am a very big stout fan from St. Louis, and also a lover of good dark beers. My buddy recently made a trip to Iowa and informed me of your Rover, Robusto, and Kentucky. I was wondering if there is any way to get any in St. Louis? Thanks!

    • Rover Truck was distributed in Wisconsin and Iowa recently. Before the weekend, we had a few bottles left at the tap room here in Decorah. Kentucky Brunch actually had a tap room release back in September. As for Robusto, we haven’t made that in a long while. I would say your best bet for any of the beers is trading. Hopefully someday we can make it to St. Louis!

  41. Hello from MN, Does your brewery bottle and distribute your brews? I’m very interested in trying them. I occasionally make it as far south as Spirit Lake, IA

    • We do distribute, but only in Iowa and Wisconsin. We don’t make it as far west as Spirit Lake, but if you can make it to eastern Iowa, our tap room isn’t much further south.


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